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Community InitiativesCommunity             initiatives are developed when DuPage county stakeholders use their             energy and aptitude to create change in the community. Once trends             and/or issues are identified, the group focuses on plans or             strategies to create the specific kind of change. Once approved,             these initiatives are then implemented and managed by Healthy DuPage.            

One of key initiatives of Healthy DuPage is also used as a process to identify issues that the group may want to focus on. This initiative is:

Conversations of Community Concern

This series of monthly   public forums was developed as a means for Healthy DuPage to convene   stakeholders around cross-sector issues, collaborate for efficient and effect   asset usage, to diffuse innovation, information and learning, to serve as a   catalyst for a healthier community, and as a ”trendbender” in healthier   directions. Click here for a Photo   Gallery of our events.


Gary Gates       Edison Middle School Counselor


      September 2003 Conversation:  “Child and       Teen Obesity”

      Phil Smith,       Administrator, DuPage County Human Services.      


      June 2003 Conversation:  “Survival 101 FRANK TALK       ABOUT BEING FIRED, LAID OFF, OR DOWNSIZED!”

Conversations of Community Concern – 2004-2005

      Date       Topic       Time


September       2004       Transportation TBD TBD
      October 2004       ADD/AHDD TBD TBD
      November 2004       Diversity TBD TBD
      January 2005       Impact of Addiction TBD TBD
      February 2005       Sleep Disorders TBD TBD

*Note: this calendar is   subject to change. For updates, contact Healthy DuPage at (630) 690-2998.  

Car Seat Initiative

The Healthy DuPage Board moved the Car Seat Action Team into Initiative Status with its approval at the November 19, 2003 board meeting. This mission of Initiative is:

To establish an effective countywide partnership that standardizes the car safety seat program, which includes but is not limited to, a central intake center, a collaborative education and training program, and a distribution system capable of serving those that live in DuPage County, Illinois.

This initiative is in the process of developing its funding structure through grants and donations and is teaming up with CareLink Foundation, Central DuPage Hospital, DuPage County SAFE KIDS, DuPage County Sheriffs, Downers Grove Partnership for a Healthier Community, Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, the Health and Education Center of West Chicago and others to reach its goals.

Please read the October 9, 2003 Daily Herald newspaper article by award-winning writer Tona Kunz, entitled ‘REVIVING THE CAR SEAT PROGRAM – DuPage County Leaders trying to build new resource after funding dwindles.” For more information, please contact Healthy DuPage at 630-690-2998 or download the Car Seat Initiative Business Plan.

  Ring My Bell Initiative

The Healthy DuPage Board moved the Ring My Bell Action Team to Initiative Status at the June 16, 2004 Board Meeting. The mission of this initiative is to provide a partnership of proactive service for seniors and the disabled of DuPage County to address their non-emergency health/well-being. This initiative was conceived out of the need to reduce the number of non-emergency calls to the 911 system. Through a partnership with DuPage fire and police departments, student medical personnel and community volunteers, this program is being formed to provide regular visitation to these individuals. To become more involved with this initiative, contact Bette Lawrence-Water at 630-690-2998 or download the Ring My Bell Business Plan.

S.E.E.D.S. Initiative

The Healthy DuPage Board moved the S.E.E.D.S. (Sources for Empowerment and Education on Disability Services) Action Team into Initiative Status at the January 21, 2004 Board Meeting. This initiative evolved from a March 2003 Conversation of Community Concern on the topic of disabilities. A need was identified for newly diagnosed persons to have a link to the community after hospital discharge and rehabilitation. A group of dynamic individuals and representatives of health care and service organizations have been meeting monthly with the goal of having this initiative up and running shortly. The mission of this initiative is to create a network that empowers persons with a disability to access services in DuPage County through a seamless system of care.

Currently in the funding search stage, this group is also working on the design of the informational workbook and volunteer program. To become more involved with this initiative, contact Bette Lawrence-Water at 630-690-2998 or download the S.E.E.D.S. Initiative Business Plan.

Character Development Coalition

Another key Healthy DuPage   initiative was launched in 2000, after needs were identified to enhance the   character and values of the residents of DuPage County. This group was called   the Character and Values Action team.  After extensive work, research and   group collaboration, the Character Development Coalition was formed. This   group’s vision is for DuPage to be a county where core ethical values, which   form the basis of good character, are consistently taught, promoted,   supported, and modeled by individuals and community organizations. This begins   in the home, is reinforced in the schools and supported throughout the   community. This group meets monthly and collaborates with representatives from   Character Coalitions in over 20 DuPage County communities. An upcoming program   is the 2nd annual County Character College for middle school students.  

In February   2003, Healthy DuPage launched the Abraham Lincoln   Center for Character Development with plans to broaden the scope of   character development services currently provided in the county. Expanded   services include: training sessions, conferences and technical assistance.   Ultimately, plans are for these services to be made available to all of   Illinois. To learn more about either of these programs, contact Ken Fisher,   Director at 630-690-2998.

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