Chronic insomnia,ideas for addressing the problem

Chronic insomnia is an unseen but miserable affliction. People dealing with chronic insomnia often struggle with many aspects of daily life. It can cause people to fall behind in their work and familial obligations, and it’s not uncommon for college students with chronic insomnia to fail out of school, or for adults to be fired from their jobs due to the negative consequences of this unseen struggle.

Yet even more frustrating for people with chronic insomnia, is that it’s often very difficult to know why it is happening, and to find an effective treatment to make the problem go away and let the person truly rest.

How do you know if you have chronic insomnia?

One or two sleepless nights, or having trouble getting to sleep when you are stressed may be early hints that insomnia could be a problem down the line, but they do not themselves a diagnosis make. Chronic insomnia is a much, much more notable problem with sleep.

Different doctors may have different criteria for exactly what qualifies as chronic insomnia, but the bottom line is that, if it is causing problems in your life, then it’s a problem worth seeing your doctor about.


Treatment Options

There are several ways that doctors can attempt to treat and insomnia and help you get the sleep you so desperately need. There are several prescriptions available that may help the problem, although some may have negative side effects or may slowly become less effective over time.

Another way to address the problem is by talking with a therapist. This is effective only if it’s believed that emotional or psychological stress is a contributing factor, and that the chronic insomnia is, in fact, a symptom rather than an isolated condition.

Another thing doctors can do is to have a CAT scan to see if anything irregular is happening neurologically that would keep you from being able to sleep.

If you are unable to afford the doctor or want to try to address the problem on your own, (or if you fear you’re developing chronic insomnia and want to stop it before it arrives fully), then make sure you have a proper pillow and mattress, and that you don’t watch TV or browse the internet before you go to bed.